Using the right tool for the right coat type is vital. Many owner use the wrong tools for grooming. Brushing their dogs at home will often   give the coat a great look but underneath the top coat it can still be knotty and matted; or they would wash their dog and after rub them dry with a towel. If the coat is long often rubbing it with a towel will only create knots which in time can turn into mats. If a dog is left over time with a matted coat  the mats tend to tighten up closer to the skin and when the mats gets wet it will hold the moisture which can cause skin infections and sores.

Let's face it, bathing a dog at home can be fun - but it can also be a difficult and messy procedure, especially for a large breed. Let us take the strain by bathing your dog and blow drying for that perfect, fresh finish.


Sometimes a full clip is unnecessary or simply inconvenient due to cold weather. We can trim your dog as required and take care of the 'private places' that need regular attention.



Most dogs will require nail clipping if they are not walked hard on concrete or metalled roads on a regular basis. Hair can grow and matt between the toes, causing discomfort. Many dogs object to 'interference' with their feet so let us use experience and expertise to perform these intricate tasks for your pet.

Washing your dog

Trimming/Clipping your Dog

Dog Nail trimming