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Using the right tool for the right coat type is vital. Many owner use the wrong tools for grooming. Brushing their dogs at home will often   give the coat a great look but underneath the top coat it can still be knotty and matted; or they would wash their dog and after rub them dry with a towel. If the coat is long often rubbing it with a towel will only create knots which in time can turn into mats. If a dog is left over time with a matted coat  the mats tend to tighten up closer to the skin and when the mats gets wet it will hold the moisture which can cause skin infections and sores.

Let's face it, bathing a dog at home can be fun - but it can also be a difficult and messy procedure, especially for a large breed. Let us take the strain by bathing your dog and blow drying for that perfect, fresh finish.


Sometimes a full clip is unnecessary or simply inconvenient due to cold weather. We can trim your dog as required and take care of the 'private places' that need regular attention.



Most dogs will require nail clipping if they are not walked hard on concrete or metalled roads on a regular basis. Hair can grow and matt between the toes, causing discomfort. Many dogs object to 'interference' with their feet so let us use experience and expertise to perform these intricate tasks for your pet.

Washing your dog

Trimming/Clipping your Dog

Dog Nail trimming 

Grooming Policy

Please read the following carefully before booking a grooming appointment with us.


Do you charge a cancellation fee for grooming?

At Glamourpets we understand that life sometimes gets in the way and that appointments can get forgotten, which is why we send you a text reminder of your appointment 48 hrs before you are due.
Appointments can be re-arranged or cancelled up to 24 hrs before your scheduled appointment without charge.
If you contact us with less than 24 hrs notice then a cancellation fee of

£15 will apply for the 1st missed appointment

£20 will apply for the 2nd missed appointment

On your 3rd missed appointment you will no longer be welcome back to Glamourpets

 If you simply do not show up then I’m afraid we will also have to charge a £30 No show fee rather than the full cost of the appointment.

 As a small business, we unfortunately cannot afford to lose out on income for these appointments so please let us know in plenty of time if you can't make it!


What happens if I'm late for my grooming appointment?

If you are late for your appointment, I'm sure you will appreciate that we cannot always manage the schedule in a way that means we can complete a groom as planned, we will always try to manage the schedule to allow us to finish a groom but in the event we can’t, you may need to book a short follow-up appointment to complete the groom and there will be an additional charge for this.


What happens if I'm late to collect my dog from their grooming appointment?

If you are running late to collect your dog please let us know! We will obviously take good care of your dog while we wait for you to return but in the event you are more than an hour late there will be a charge applied as we will need to allocate a member of staff to attend to your dog.


Are you still able to groom my matted dog?

We know that no owner deliberately let their dog become matted, but it does happen quite easily and it can be very difficult to groom a dog with a matted coat. So we wanted to give you some information on how we deal with a matted coat and what you can expect from a groom if your dog does have a matted coat.  The most important thing to understand is that we will always prioritise the welfare of your dog and that we will not inflict any excessive stress or discomfort to your dog whilst in our care.

When a dog’s coat is matted it may need to have a very short clip, this can cause irritation as the blades have to run below the matt very close to the skin which takes longer than a regular clip and means the clipper blades can get very hot so the groomer has to take regular breaks in order to let the blades cool to avoid burning your dog’s skin. It is also possible that we may uncover nicks, cuts or other potential problems which have been hidden by the matted hair.  As the owner, we ask that you agree that Glamourpets cannot be held liable for any after-grooming effects of matt clipping procedures or problems uncovered on a badly matted, neglected coat, which could include, but are not limited to, the following: itchiness, skin redness or self-inflicted irritations/abrasions from excessive rubbing. Please be aware that there is a much higher risk that the dog’s skin could be nicked with the clippers as we have to get the blade underneath the matt in order to remove it and although we will make every effort to avoid it, it does occasionally happen that we nick the skin. Glamourpets cannot be held liable for any injuries or nicks that occur as a result of a clip off due to matting.

If a dog has excessively matted ears, bleeding at the tips of the ear can occur when the matting is removed, this is because the delicate blood vessels have been restricted by the tight matted hair and releasing this pressure means blood rushes to the tips of the ears and can cause the ears to split at the tip. Obviously, we will do everything we can to avoid this happening but it is sometimes unavoidable, so please be aware that there is a possibility it could happen. If it does happen, we would recommend taking your dog to the vet for a check-up, explaining that the ears have been trimmed due to excessive matting.

Glamourpets will always act in the best interests of your dog and we reserve the right to interrupt or abandon the groom of any dog for the safety of the groomer and the dog, as we believe that no dog should be subjected to undue stress or discomfort during a groom.


We appreciate you taking the time to read this and if you have any questions or concerns please do ask  Marie or Jon .

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